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帰国後にアパートの一室にて多重録音を行い、2014年に初の自主制作音源『Himitsu album』を発表。2016年にDiana Chiakiとの共作アルバム「AIMAI ME YOU」を配信リリース。

Kumi born in Tokyo.
She began studying violin and classic music at the age of 3. Influenced by her older sister, who was a vocalist of a rock band.
She flew to Vienna.
Around this time, she started composition.
Back in Japan, she started overdubbing at the room of apartment.
Then she put out her own album, “Himitsu album” (Secret Album) in 2014.
“AI MAI ME YOU” with Diana Chiaki in 2016.
“ Outside-the-box thinking”
This has and will always be her style as an artist.


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